Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu: solid hard sci-fi with Chinese origin


There are very few sci-fi books that deliver an earth-shattering message. Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu is one of them. After hearing about it numerous times in Tim Ferris Show and other places, I finally read it in 2022. Its sci-fi concepts wrapped in an intriguing story captivated me so much that I finished the whole "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy in one go.

When SEO writing skills cut short the joy of publishing

I'm so glad to be reminded of the pure joy of publishing a blog post by Matt. At the age when AI tools can be used to mass produce SEO content to hijack competitor traffic, it's wise to come back to basics. To a scrappy little note without purified title, headings, paragraphs. Without eye-catching cover … Continue reading When SEO writing skills cut short the joy of publishing

Default to English Language – minimalism in practice

Sometimes hard decisions can unlock new possibilities. That's how I feel about resigning from creating new content in Polish language. While it would be great to offer my creations in my mother tongue, it is simply too much overhead. I strive for minimalism, and with this one hard decision, I eliminate 1000 more decisions in the future. Overall, it creates more time for productive creativity.