Nerd on Tour summary of 2022

2022 was an eventful year and despite it, I focused on grounding myself. A combination of supporting nomad community, new business model and a lot of time spent in nature allowed me to find peace at the turbulent geopolitical shifts. Here are the most significant things that I recall from the last year.

Street art mural for the Taghazout Surf Expo 2022

Hiking and dancing in Tenerife

A little town in the North of Tenerife called La Orotava became my base for most of the year. It’s conveniently situated between the sandy coast and hiking trails. In the weekends I often roamed in the forests of nearby Aguamasa, where I adored the cascading diversity of vegetation on this island. Besides regular hiking in the woods, this year I had an occasion to participate in Shinrin Yoku – the Japanese “forest bath” mindful experience. It was fabulous!

The second cheerful activity was all about dancing. Canary Islands promote themselves as the second-biggest carnival destination after Rio de Janeiro. I haven’t been to Rio yet, but I’m impressed with the scale of what I experienced in the carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Moreover, me and fellow friends from Nine started salsa dance classes in a local school. It was so great that I plan to continue salsa lessons in 2023.

Changed my business model

One of the most significant changes was the way I run my company. In 2022, I switched from web services for small companies to tech support as a full-time contractor. After a shaky two years of pandemic I longed for more sustainable work structure. Now at the beginning of 2023 I’m thankful for the stability and an important step in my career.

Portuguese tax residency

While the idea of setting up a Portuguese tax residency was interesting from the get go, I wanted to wait for long-term reviews from fellow digital nomads. Then the war in Ukraine escalated. Such geopolitical push affected my security and freedoms. Therefore, I went all in completing all necessary steps to become a resident of Portugal with NHR benefits.

Default to English

English is my first language and an irreplaceable tool for communication. In 2022, I realized that I can’t continue creating posts and podcasts both in English and in my mother tongue – Polish. It was a hard, but necessary decision to focus on just one universal language that allows me to communicate with the world.

The positive effects are already visible. I published more content in 2022 than any other year prior. I’m still working on weekly regularity of my email newsletter, but I’m glad that I sent 23 issues in the last 12 months.

WordCamp in Portugal and surfing in Morocco

Besides community-oriented time in the Nine Coliving in Tenerife in 2022 I managed to visit two other nearby places. In Portugal, I participated in WordCamp Europe conference organized in charming Porto. Then in October and November I learned basics of surfing in Taghazout, Morocco.

Both countries were an entirely new destinations for me, with new kind of experiences. In Porto, I met fantastic people from the diverse global WordPress community. Afterward, in Taghazout I had humbling sport experience in the waves of Moroccan shore. I am certain that the new connections and acquired skills will open opportunities in the coming years.

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