Launch of Nerd on Tour Podcast

Nothing excites me more than the fact that it’s actually happening. After years of testing, preparations and listening to gazillion different podcasts I’m finally launching my own channel. Come and listen to the first episode.

Experiment in progress

This is the start of something completely new. In the past I had some on-air experience while working for a university radio station. Also guiding tour groups taught me how to effectively use different mics to tell stories. Yet podcasting is a new and exciting venture, where I need to gain more fluency.

I have plenty of ideas for the podcast, but I need to filter them out and distilled. Instead of promising and planning I prefer to invite you for a crazy ride. It’s a positivity mixed with practicality on an adventurous roller coaster through the multiverse.

Just like with blogging, I think of podcasting in the long term. Every episode, even if it’s about current trends, is created with a goal to be timeless. The content and format is be a bit different than my blog articles but it revolves around the same leitmotiv:

Storytelling, tech and travel

Who is the Nerd on Tour?

Let’s enter the dungeon! The first episode is an introduction and explainer for these people who are not fully aware of what I do and where I am.

Toss a coin for your Witcher!

From a novel in the ’80 to a video game to the most streamed show on Netflix. This is a tale about successful Intelectual Property, done by creative Polish folks.

The first train from Xi’an to Sล‚awkรณw

In January 2020 first direct trains from China to Poland started traveling. This is a major step in the Belt and Roads Chinese initiative that is often called a New Silk Road.

Why it’s so short?

Baby steps. I want to start small and maybe increase it over time or keep it short but post it more often. Also, there’s are no restrictions regarding the length of a podcast and I’m listening to a huge variety of channels from 1 minute to couple hours for each episode.

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

How to listen?

The easiest way to do it is by clicking the play button above. You can also listen to it in the podcast app of your choice.

How to subscribe?

I advise setting up a podcast app to keep track of the channel, automatically download episodes and manage all other podcasts. Here are the links to Nerd on Tour Podcast on the most popular services:

The podcast is being distributed to all platforms but takes time. Once it’s everywhere I’ll update the buttons with links.

Where the podcast is hosted?

For hosting and automatic distribution, I use It’s like YouTube for podcasts. The company is now owned by Spotify, but they still distribute uploaded content to all major podcast services.

Thank you for listening

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

ๅƒ้‡Œไน‹่กŒ Chinese saying ascribed to Lao Tzu

I’m glad that I can share this little audio with you. If you have any questions or recommendations โ€“ feel free to write them in the comments below.

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