This is a demo landing page designed to capture email addresses. Many businesses rely on email marketing as their main communication channel. It’s important to show all benefits and features to convince visitors to sign up for the newsletter.

This site in an elegant example of how your travel related newsletter could look like.

Site address:

demo landing page email newsletter

Custom-made solutions for Adventurous Newsletter

  1. Clear cuts between sections.
  2. Energetic and bright pallet of colours.
  3. High quality pictures hand-picked, cropped and adjusted to enhance the web experience.

List of compatible Web Services

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Revue
  3. ConvertKit
  4. MailerLite
  5. GetResponse
  6. Zapier
  7. Airtable
  8. Send URL – via AJAX, POST, GET in standard POST, JSON, XML
  9. Stripe
  10. PayPal
  11. Gumroad