The Balloon Launch is an example of a minimal landing page with a countdown. It works best if you like to build anticipation for the release of a new product or service. Visitors interested in your offer are encouraged to contact via Messenger or fill out a simple survey.

This page is an example of how your product launch page could look like.

Site address:

Custom made solutions for Balloon Launch

  1. The translucent side panel that holds site content and allows the admiring whole picture.
  2. Direct link to Messenger chat allowing for immediate interaction with visitors.
  3. The survey can capture email addresses and integrate them with Web Services.

List of compatible Web Services

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Revue
  3. ConvertKit
  4. MailerLite
  5. GetResponse
  6. Zapier
  7. Airtable
  8. Send URL – via AJAX, POST, GET in standard POST, JSON, XML
  9. Stripe
  10. PayPal
  11. Gumroad