BM Cars is a family owned car repair services located in Mysłowice and Katowice, Poland. I take care of the website, social media and all things tech since 2011.

Site address:

Locations: Brzezińska 31, Mysłowice, Poland | Krzemienna 4, Katowice, Poland

Contact: [email protected]


Custom made solutions for

  1. The website is running on a reliable and flexible cloud hosting provided by Zenbox.
  2. With browser caching by Hummingbird and CDN by Cloudflare, the loading performance is significantly improved.
  3. All posts and pages have AMP equivalents designed for instant mobile loading and functionality (contact forms, call-to-action buttons).
  4. Car repair customers receive automated SMS notifications thanks to SMSAPI and Zapier.
  5. The data structure is Schema compatible to deliver faster and better answers in search engines.
  6. Online shop with spare car parts runs on a minimalistic version of Woocommerce with Facebook shop integration.
  7. Search field on the website feature autocomplete tool by Algolia.
  8. 100+ posts and pages are well optimized for search engines.
  9. Google Maps/Google My Business and Social Media profiles on major platforms feature relevant and daily updates.

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