Jane Wonder is a demonstration website for a local guide.

Site address: janewander.eu

Tech solutions for Jane Wander

  1. Elegant and minimalistic one-page web design.
  2. The website looks great on any device – smartphones, tablets, computers and everywhere else.
  3. The WhatsApp button connects the customer with Jane directly, even if they don’t have her number saved in contacts.
  4. The phone number is a link, so the customer can quickly call Jane. No need for typing or copy and pasting.
  5. The text description field supports all written languages, so it’s easy to reach your target audience.
  6. It loads lightning fast, even on old devices and weak networks anywhere on the planet.
  7. “Plan a tour” button directs to an easy contact form for tourists, who can provide either their email or telephone number.
  8. Branded email account “[email protected]” looks professional and secures conversations with customers.