What is Storytelling Guide to Internet Presence?

In the origin story, I shared my travel experiences that shaped the idea behind Nerd on Tour. Now begins a new chapter. Last few years showed me what is working and what direction I want to go. The core of my actions is explained in the catchphrase: Storytelling Guide to Internet Presence. Let me tell you more about it.

campfire storytelling
Stories at campfire | Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash


The one thing I’m absolutely certain about myself is that I love engaging stories. As a kid I was glued to television, as a teenager, I devoured narrative video games and comics. Only in my twenties, I learnt to appreciate other media, like books and podcasts. Now In the digital age when it all converge I focus on a feeling that stories can deliver. Talking in the real world with a fascinating person can be as much absorbing as diving into well-crafted VR experience. I no longer categorize stories by the medium. I seek for these that spark curiosity, teach a lesson and flourish emotions.

My work as a tour manager helped me hone my storytelling skills. At the same time, my work as a webmaster improved my writing and editing. It’s the right moment to merge experience from different fields and focus on producing own stories.

Guidebook | Photo by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau on Unsplash


During my travels, I’m blessed with the opportunity to meet local guides. They are extraordinary storytellers – masters of time and space willing to share knowledge with travellers. I learn a lot from them – especially in terms of conveying useful information with engaging narration.

Yet so many places lack a living being to guide you. Then the guide can be in the form of a book or a blog post or an educational board on a track. Sometimes nature itself is enough to understand and appreciate surroundings.

I consider myself a guide too. Both while leading a tour group in a fascinating environment or when I publish a long-form how-to article about useful service/product. The point is the same – help, inform and entertain. If done correctly – the traveller/reader will have a great experience.

Internet server
Cables of an Internet server | Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


This is my favourite destination. Always fresh, always changing and on the edge of global progress. It’s a tool but also a network of networks and meta-medium. Spreading the roots to every possible industry and to all the people around the world.

From the very beginning, the Internet is more than technology to me. It’s an ongoing social phenomenon where everyone can be an architect and the participant. This goes along with the fact that the Internet mirrors the geography of the real world. There’s nothing more intriguing than simultaneously vagabonding in both of this realms.

Thanks to all amazing human beings I met offline and online I progress as a person and as a tech/tour specialist. Nothing would be possible without them. Therefore I feel obliged to share my knowledge and experience as they did.

The Internet is at the same time:

  1. The best platform to connect and share.
  2. The main theme in every project.
  3. My field of expertise.
being present
Being present | Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash


Being present is an essential value for me. It’s an everyday training of focus, will and assertiveness. When the (virtual) world is loud and busy, trying to suck you into the vortex of infinite alertness – I choose to be present at the moment.

Sometimes it means to remain calm and steady, other times it’s being active and in the flow of current affairs. Yet it always translates into paying attention. To details, to the big picture and to the complexity of our global village.

I absolutely love the fact that all people have the ability to sense the presence of each other. Strangely enough, this applies to our digital world too. With just a glimpse, we can feel how present is the author of any given blog, social media account or a podcast.

When I create a new project, being present is my foundation. The distractions that come along are like challenges in a game. You need to dodge the enemy’s laser blasts to get to the next level. Even if the current project is to finish this paragraph – it can’t be done without being present.

space invader game
Space Invader kind of game | Pico 8 via Giphy

Let me be your Storytelling Guide to Internet Presence

This is a short story behind the Nerd on Tour as a brand. The initial catchphrase came to me from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who presents himself as “your personal astrophysicist“. Also, Tim Ferriss for quite a while was known as a “human guinea pig“. I played with different sets of words and eventually decided to stick with the four explained above.

It’s short enough to tweet it and type it in any bio. I like how each part has a deeper meaning and as a whole it represents my everyday work activities.

Nerd on Tour

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I’m open to any questions from the wide spectrum of tech and tourism. Feel free to send me an email, tweet or write a question below.

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