Define your freedom

The core value that fuels my life is freedom. I like to contemplate it, discuss it, and enable it to others. That's why from now on the Triangulation Tuesday newsletter is also in a form of blog posts. You are free to use the RSS feed, share each issue URL and sign up for email notifications. Besides that, I'd like to share three different stories about digital nomad freedom.

Dirk Delisse – Licensed Online Therapist & Yoga Teacher practicing Flexible Living

Dirk Delisse is a peaceful human being that combines his love for punk rock, yoga, traveling, and helping other people. As a licensed online therapist for the Dutch healthcare system, he works remotely from sunny spots around the globe. Flexible Living is the way of life he practices and teaches in the online course, that's designed for people looking for their values. Listen to our cheerful conversation to learn more.

Elaine & Kevin – mindful hosts of The Hatchery Place coliving in Kuala Lumpur

For the first time, I have two guests at once – Elaine Wong and Kevin Yeoh. They are the most generous hosts of The Hatchery Place. It's a very cozy coliving space, where I lived between October 2019 and September 2020. They transitioned from corporate careers to the world of arts and crafts, where Hatchery is a central place of their varied activities. Together we talk about long-term traveling, authentic connections, and building a healthy coliving community. Learn more in this uplifting episode of the Nerd on Tour Podcast.

Benjamin Lupton – open-source developer widens perspective through long-term travel and philosophy

The third episode of the Nerd on Tour Podcast is here! This time fellow digital nomad from Perth in Australia is my guest. Ben is cheerful yet contemplating developer and community builder. He dropped NDA work offers at Facebook and Google to stay true to the open-source movement. His travels include long-distance hitchhiking in Australia, truly befriending Balinese locals, and experiencing hippy culture in Berlin. Learn about him and his thought-provoking projects in this episode.

What is your (dis)traction?

It took me about a month to write the long-form article Build Better Systems. There I dived deep into the narrative presented in the "Social Dilemma" documentary. In my opinion, the fictional family drama was a great way to showcase the complex problem of social media. Nevertheless, I value the contrarian approach of author Nir Eyal.

Infinite Machine book – short and invigorating history of Etherum

Do you remember when we watched movies on DVDs? Or when mobile phones were big as a brick? If you do, then you have lived through a tech disruption cycle. There's always a period when one standard dominates the market but there's a new thing coming, to change the game. Etherum is one of the major tech solutions that ties flexibility of the digital world with broad financial services of the real world. If you are used to paying for your soy latte with your smartphone, then prepare for what's coming next.

The end of “unbreaking news” experiment with The Correspondent

People around us and the stories we tell are two timeless factors of our wellbeing. The vast and unprecise term – "the news media" is used as a scapegoat. Any political outcome, social unrest, or economic struggle can be connected to the controversial stories in "the news". I don't fall into the trap of simplification. Understanding the complexity of journalism, business models and the role of the Internet is vital for me. Until now The Correspondent was the best news project that unfortunately didn't pass the test of time.

Build Better Systems – What to do after watching the Social Dilemma documentary?

Like many other technologists, I am also fascinated by the wide spectrum of possibilities made with machines. Social Media is one of the prime examples of a "thing" that managed to become a mainstream method of building online relationships. In some regions, it's even perceived as the Internet itself. Yet, the tremendous privacy abuse, political manipulation, and mental toll can't be a "necessary evil" characteristic. It's time to Build Better Systems.

Consistency pieces

A month ago I wrote a short casual post and now I'd like to get back to that form. There are three reasons why it's important to me. Firstly I see a good track record of habits that now became my second nature (yoga, dancing, sleeping). Secondly, I'm inspired by successful creators that publish regularly (Seth Godin, Wait But Why, Tim Ferriss). Thirdly I'd like to share valuable info between long-form articles that take much more time to prepare.

The important activities

Time is the only common denominator. Fortunately, our perception of it is subjective and open for interpretation. This allows us to choose and value the time we spend on important activities. For me, the act of writing is one of them. I love every single part of it – the struggle to focus, the slow process and the lightweight output that fits any screen. Here's a random blog post to play with creativity.