Why I switched from Gmail to Proton Mail to iCloud Mail?

I value privacy and was delighted to discover Proton Mail. Their solution sounded like a wonderful counterpoint to the dominance of Gmail and other ad-driven services. Once I read books about surveillance capitalism, I knew that I wanted to protect my data and experience what it means to use the end-to-end encrypted, open-source email provider called Proton. Although, after over a year of using it, I'm switching to Apple's iCloud Mail.

Nerd on Tour YouTube channel with all the Podcast Episodes

Back in 2012, the world was swept up by the Gangnam Style song. The two biggest winners were Psy, the Korean singer who started K-Pop mania, and YouTube, the streaming platform. Due to this social phenomenon, the latter needed to rapidly upgrade its tech infrastructure, as Gangnam Style was their first video to break the … Continue reading Nerd on Tour YouTube channel with all the Podcast Episodes

Beeper the universal chat app using Matrix protocol

Recently, I published my impressions about the Texts app and how well it addresses the chat apps market fragmentation. Which is especially crucial for digital nomads and our international outreach. Automattic, who acquired Texts in October 2023, just six months later bought another chat aggregator called Beeper. There's more to that story. Matrix open protocol … Continue reading Beeper the universal chat app using Matrix protocol

Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu: solid hard sci-fi with Chinese origin


There are very few sci-fi books that deliver an earth-shattering message. Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu is one of them. After hearing about it numerous times in Tim Ferris Show and other places, I finally read it in 2022. Its sci-fi concepts wrapped in an intriguing story captivated me so much that I finished the whole "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy in one go.

One year of using AI tool in tech support

I'm Happiness Engineer at Octolize, where I provide tech and customer support for our Woo plugins. It's a niche within a niche: shipping solutions for online stores. The inquires are about possible shipping scenarios, issues with carriers' APIs, plugin configurations, and everything in between. About a year ago, our team decided to implement an AI … Continue reading One year of using AI tool in tech support

Eirik Mo – Remote Full-Stack Web Developer and Mighty Hiking Viking

One of the greatest people I met at Nine Coliving. Nature loving Norwegian, honestly sharing details of his journey. From being bullied at school and struggling with mental health to becoming a location independent software developer. Listen to how volunteering, meditation, and everyday learning help him to be a better human. We also dive into Web3, NFTs, protocols and why smart bulbs are essentials for a cozy light ambience.

When SEO writing skills cut short the joy of publishing

I'm so glad to be reminded of the pure joy of publishing a blog post by Matt. At the age when AI tools can be used to mass produce SEO content to hijack competitor traffic, it's wise to come back to basics. To a scrappy little note without purified title, headings, paragraphs. Without eye-catching cover … Continue reading When SEO writing skills cut short the joy of publishing

Video car repair SMS notifications for BM Cars – project overview

From now on, all customers of our family run independent BMW repair shop can easily get informed about the scope of offered car fix. They receive an SMS with a link to a custom-built temp WordPress subpage containing a video, pictures and detailed text description. If everything is OK, their reply is emailed to our staff. Here are the challenges and the final solution I applied for this web app project.