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Welcome to the world of voice! While writing is an excellent skill to build story structure, speaking is way faster, direct and on the spot. In retrospect, I think that I developed speaking skills much earlier than writing and realized how powerful speech can be. My podcast is a way to capture the fleeting nature of spoken words and distribute them with the powers of the Internets!

What is a podcast?

Remember the iPod? No worries, you don’t have to. At the time it was the most trendy thing in the USA I was living in Poland. One of these regions that was much more dominated by (illegal) MP3 files and very few people was interested in listening to anything else than music.

A podcast is a term we use to describe any audio recordings, much like on a radio station but distributed over the Internet. The technology and the name itself was created between 2000 and 2004, but Apple’s portable music player iPod made podcasting mainstream in English speaking countries.

After about two decades podcasts are becoming a global phenomenon. It’s never been easier to record, publish and listen to podcasts in a variety of languages and topics. Almost any device allows now to browse, download or stream an increasing catalog of audio recordings.

Why people listen to podcasts?

Why not? Actually, there is a number of reasons beyond the lack of other activities on the Internet ๐Ÿ˜‰. In my opinion, the key factor is medium. As far as we know voice/sound is the first carrier of information that was used by our ancestors. Languages, cultures, and civilizations were built thanks to our ability to create, receive and understand the meaning behind sound waves.

Since the invention of the radio and audio recording at the end of the 19th century, we broke the geographical limits of a human voice. Every new invention only improves the convenience of production and distribution. Mobile devices, wireless headphones, smart speakers among others are steps that popularize podcasts. Informality and topic variety makes them easy to start for anyone. At the same time, long-tail of niche and specialized productions allow die-hards to stay engaged for years.

Depending on your lifestyle and location there are other key reasons. Listening on headphones is more intimate than watching anything on a screen. Many people commute every day and their eyes and limbs are occupied with city/crowd navigation. Also, house chores or any type of work were you are free to choose your sound background can be greatly improved with an interesting podcast.

I listen to podcasts during my favorite outdoor activity โ€“ walking. Conversation style shows are excellent to learn about a public figure, while guides/news is perfect for short sessions of practical knowledge. Long-form reporting/research is what I listen to during mundane manual tasks. Last but not least comedy shows and fictional stories are extraordinary entertainment and preferred forms of relaxation on Sundays.

Where I can listen to the Nerd on Tour Podcast?

The podcast is hosted and automatically distributed by They currently support around 10 major podcast services and have plans to expand it. Keep in mind that podcast distribution is based on open RSS standard, therefore it’s possible to use any software that reads RSS.

You can also listen to all the episodes here on this page. Jump to the list of all audio files.

Major podcast services

The list will be updated when my podcast will be live on new platforms.

How to support Nerd on Tour Podcast?

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How Nerd on Tour Podcast is recorded and produced?

For more tips for around podcast gear go to Tim Ferriss site.

What podcasts does Nerd on Tour listen to?

List in no particular order:

List of all episodes of Nerd on Tour Podcast

Who is the Nerd on Tour?

Let’s enter the dungeon! The first episode is an introduction and explainer for these people who are not fully aware of what I do and where I am.

Toss a coin for your Witcher!

From a novel in the ’80 to a video game to the most streamed show on Netflix. This is a tale about successful Intelectual Property, done by creative Polish folks.

The first train from Xi’an to Sล‚awkรณw

In January 2020 first direct trains from China to Poland started traveling. This is a major step in the Belt and Roads Chinese initiative that is often called a New Silk Road.

Offline Mode โ€“ downloaded files in the streaming age

Prepare yourself for the times when the Internet is unreliable, by downloading everything you need. Books, podcasts, videos, games, and music among others are what you’d like to have on your storage.

Guides to download your media:

Remote Working as a lifestyle

Chances are that most of your work is already done on a computer. If so, you can easily use it wherever you desire โ€“ at home in a co-working or at a local cafe. Feel free to be location independent, which is a key aspect of remote work.

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