Digital Nomad Consulting

The unique approach to solving any problem for digital nomads. I’m Piotrek Bodera and my company Nerd on Tour LTD is providing proven, long-term solutions for individuals and companies.

Piotrek Bodera

Who is providing this service?

I have a unique 15+ years of experience in tourism and web development. Organizing and conducting tour groups equipped me with the necessary skills to plan any kind of travel. While running my fully remote online business taught me about efficient asynchronous and flexible work.

Digital Nomading is my preferred way of life and I have been living it before the term was established. Leveraging mobile technologies and cloud computing with freedom of movement is the best way to enjoy the 21st century. Let me share my knowledge and experience with you.

For whom is the digital nomad consulting?

The consulting is primarily offered for:

  • digital nomads
  • co-livings and co-workings
  • businesses offering specialized services for digital nomads

Whether you’re considering becoming a digital nomad or you’ve been doing this for years. Maybe you consider opening up a business targeted towards them or you already run one. I’m sure I can offer extensive insight and find a solution for your query.

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What topics are covered?

My blog and podcast are the best way to check the wide range of subjects around the digital nomad way of life. My content shows that I have hands-on experience in areas like travel coordination, hospitality, remote work, fintech, culture awareness, among others.

Example topics:

  • Planning a long-term digital nomad trip to a new destination
  • Deciding which online services or hardware/equipment to use while working remotely
  • Researching digital nomad culture, behaviors and customs

Guarantee of satisfaction

I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with my digital nomad solutions. Everything I write and talk about has been extensively “battle-tested” in real-world conditions. Therefore, I am sure that my consultation will be the right stepping stone in your project.

If you’re not satisfied with my response, or I cannot find a suitable solution I’ll proceed with a full refund. The only thing I require in that situation is your detailed feedback – with what were you not satisfied?

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Do you offer video call as a part of digital nomad consulting?

Currently, I only provide this service via email. I’m a big fan of clarity and the written word. Especially at a time when so many platforms are in an arms race for more streaming/VR/AR-enhanced experience. It’s bandwidth-heavy and in most cases – unnecessary. More importantly it relies on the synchronous presence of all participants.

I strive for a proper asynchronous global-scale collaboration. And email is a great tool for that. It gives time to think, research, and craft carefully written answers. Moreover, it’s easy to archive the email contents or copy them to your note app.

How does the consulting look like?

  1. Write down all the details in the form below.
  2. Pay securely via Stripe.
  3. In one business day you’ll receive my professional response and if you have additional questions, we can continue the email thread without extra charge.

Please keep in mind that depending on your current setup you may need to buy better gear or online services. As part of the consulting, I can advise what and where should be done while optimizing overall costs.