Travel tech consulting

The unique approach to solving technical problems in the travel industry. I’m Piotrek Bodera and my company Nerd on Tour LTD is providing proven, long-term solutions for individuals and companies.

Piotrek Bodera

For whom is the travel tech consulting?

Online consulting is primarily offered for:

  • digital nomads
  • travel internet creators / content creators
  • travel brands

Internet prefers to use tags instead of exclusive labels and I myself as a digital native, don’t mind traversing into not-yet-named territories. So feel free to ask me anything. If I can’t help you I’ll make a full refund.

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What topics are covered?

Example topics:

  • Planning a long-term digital nomad trip to a new destination
  • Deciding which online services to use to improve your remote work
  • Researching proper gear and hardware to be used during nomading
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How does the consulting look like?

  1. Write down all the details in the form below.
  2. Pay securely via Stripe.
  3. In two business days you’ll receive my professional responce and if you have additional questions, we can continue the email thread without extra charge.

Please keep in mind that depending on your current setup you may need to buy better gear or online services. As part of the consulting, I can advise what and where should be done while optimizing overall costs.