Travel tech consulting

The unique approach to solve technical problems in the travel industry. I’m Piotrek Bodera and my company Nerd on Tour LTD is providing proven, long-term solutions for individuals and companies.

Piotrek Bodera

For who is the travel tech consulting?

Online consulting is primarily offered for:

  • digital nomads
  • travel internet creators / content creators
  • travel personalities
  • travel brands

Internet prefers to use tags instead of exclusive labels and I myself as a digital native, don’t mind traversing into not-yet-named territories. So feel free to book a consulting session, even if you’re not involved in the travel industry.

travel tech airport

What topics are covered?

It’s an hour-long audio and/or video online session where I can help in the example topics:

  • Setting up online payments with Stripe, WordPress and 3rd party services.
  • Improving WordPress speed, infrastructure, and plugin selection.
  • Auditing mobile-first compatibility of your app or website.
  • Testing User Experience of your online service.
  • Integrating automation of the apps you use with Zapier.
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How does the consulting look like?

  1. Pay for one 1-hour session.
  2. Choose a time and date.
  3. Provide all the necessary details of your inquiry and choose how would you like to connect.
  4. Prepare login credentials, notes and questions, so we can perform the remote desktop session – if needed.
  5. We connect over the platform of your choice – i.e. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.
  6. I say what I do and do what I say – so every step is clear and easy to note down.
  7. After the session, I send an email summary with links or comments on what and how was performed.

Please keep in mind that depending on your current setup you may need to buy better web hosting or 3rd party services. As part of the consulting, I can advise what and where should be done while optimizing overall costs.