Snowboarding in winter in Hokkaido in Niseko 2017

Here’s a list of highlights across years. This is a selection of activities I did to expand my horizons.

2022 – Dancing on the streets during Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival and learning how to surf in Morocco.

2021 – Got RYA Day Skipper license and sailed from Tenerife to Sardinia.

2020 – Spent the whole year in co-livings, first in the Hatchery Place in Kuala Lumpur, then in Nine in Tenerife.

2019 – Conducted a group tour in the Australian Outback, East coast, Great Reef and Darwin.

2018 – Living in Sydney for 3 months and street dancing as a busker.

2017 – Snowboarding in winter in Hokkaido in Niseko for 4 months.

2016 – Getting serious about yoga and spending a magical New Year’s Eve yoga retreat in Sopatowiec.

2015 – Crossing Japan in shinkansen (bullet train) with the Japan Rail Pass.

2014 – Skydiving in Slovakia.

2013/2014 – 6-month solo trip from Japan, Taiwan, across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

2012 – bungee jumping in Italy, second visit to Japan.

2011 – extensive work as a tour operator representative in Italy.

2010 – first time traveling outside of Europe – visiting Japan with 3 dear friends.