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Welcome to the world of voice! While writing is an excellent skill to build story structure, speaking is way faster, direct, and on the spot. In retrospect, I think that I developed speaking skills much earlier than writing and realized how powerful speech can be. My podcast is a way to capture the fleeting nature of spoken words and distribute them with the powers of the Internets!

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Hi! I’m Piotrek Bodera and this is Nerd on Tour Podcast for digital nomads. Since 2005 I’ve been working in tourism and web development around the globe. Here I combine the best bits of the Internet, long-term traveling, and decentralization.

Each episode unlocks wisdom through the power of thoughtful conversation

My guests are fascinating personalities – vagabonds, developers, artists, entrepreneurs, free spirits, technologists. Together, we explore unique ways of life that will expand your autonomy.

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List of all Nerd on Tour Podcast episodes

  • Marc Wieland – Swiss location-independent web developer in his twenties roaming the globe
    Passion for traveling, chatting with locals, and landscape photography is what inspires Marc to be nomadic. Thanks to his determination, he found a Swiss web agency, that allows him to work four days a week and from anywhere. Listen to Marc’s full story about how he started, how he uses Tinder to find local friends, not hookups, and what is the most fun summer activity in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.
  • Eirik Mo – Remote Full-Stack Web Developer and Mighty Hiking Viking
    One of the greatest people I met at Nine Coliving. Nature loving Norwegian, honestly sharing details of his journey. From being bullied at school and struggling with mental health to becoming a location independent software developer. Listen to how volunteering, meditation, and everyday learning help him to be a better human. We also dive into Web3, NFTs, protocols and why smart bulbs are essentials for a cozy light ambience.
  • Anne Kuppens – passionate community-driven founder of Nine Coliving in Tenerife
    Healthy thriving community is the most important quality for Anne Kuppens, the owner and founder of Nine Coliving in Tenerife. I had a privilege to experience it and befriend many nomads by staying for over a year at this magical place. In our conversation we talk about Anne’s passion for traveling, Latin America, salsa, and how she built the coliving with the support and help of international friends.
  • Dirk Delisse – Licensed Online Therapist & Yoga Teacher practicing Flexible Living
    Dirk Delisse is a peaceful human being that combines his love for punk rock, yoga, traveling, and helping other people. As a licensed online therapist for the Dutch healthcare system, he works remotely from sunny spots around the globe. Flexible Living is the way of life he practices and teaches in the online course, that’s designed for people looking for their values. Listen to our cheerful conversation to learn more.
  • Elaine & Kevin – mindful hosts of The Hatchery Place coliving in Kuala Lumpur
    For the first time, I have two guests at once – Elaine Wong and Kevin Yeoh. They are the most generous hosts of The Hatchery Place. It’s a very cozy coliving space, where I lived between October 2019 and September 2020. They transitioned from corporate careers to the world of arts and crafts, where Hatchery is a central place of their varied activities. Together we talk about long-term traveling, authentic connections, and building a healthy coliving community. Learn more in this uplifting episode of the Nerd on Tour Podcast.
  • Benjamin Lupton – open-source developer widens perspective through long-term travel and philosophy
    The third episode of the Nerd on Tour Podcast is here! This time fellow digital nomad from Perth in Australia is my guest. Ben is cheerful yet contemplating developer and community builder. He dropped NDA work offers at Facebook and Google to stay true to the open-source movement. His travels include long-distance hitchhiking in Australia, truly befriending Balinese locals, and experiencing hippy culture in Berlin. Learn about him and his thought-provoking projects in this episode.
  • Guillaume Lorain – Blogger that combines traveling solo and creating profitable websites
    Nerd on Tour Podcast continues! For the second episode, I invited Guillaume Lorain – a digital nomad from France. He’s running a sustainable network of French blogs and provide web dev consulting. Microsoft branch in Paris was the place where Guillaume started, later on establishing his location-independent freelance gigs. That resulted in a great journey around the Australian coast and visits to South-East Asia. Listen to our conversation in this exciting episode!
  • Fajar Siddiq – From Pro Yo-Yo to Digital Nomad – Thoughtful Leader in the Maker Community
    This is the very first deep conversation recorded for the Nerd on Tour Podcast. I couldn’t ask for a better guest than Fajar Siddiq. A known influencer in the Maker Community, who is always there for you to support, provide feedback and help to get customers for your bootstrapped project. Fajar lives in the culturally dense and diverse Singapore and whenever possible he’s visiting nearby countries with his laptop and yo-yo. Let’s dig into the digital nomad topics with Fajar Siddiq!
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Second podcast channel that’s in Polish

As a native speaker of Polish language I decided to create a second podcast channel called “W Podróży” (on tour). It’s not a translation of my English recordings. Podcast “W Podróży” is also a conversation-style but with intriguing personalities, who speak Polish. Enjoy!

What is a podcast?

Remember the iPod? No worries, you don’t have to. At the time it was the most trendy thing in the USA. Back then I have been living in Poland – one of these regions that were dominated by (illegal) MP3 files and very few people was interested in listening to anything else than music.

A podcast is a term we use to describe any audio recordings, much like on a radio station but distributed over the Internet. The technology and the name itself were created between 2000 and 2004, but Apple’s portable music player iPod made podcasting mainstream in English-speaking countries.

After about two decades podcasts are becoming a global phenomenon. It’s never been easier to record, publish and listen to podcasts in a variety of languages and topics. Almost any device allows now to browse, download or stream an increasing catalog of audio recordings.

How to support the Nerd on Tour Podcast?

? Hey there! I treat the Internet as a giant and ever-evolving physical space. It takes a lot of time to explore it and find real gems. Therefore, when I’m very satisfied with my findings, I recommend them to others. Many of these products/services offer a commission via affiliate links. Of course, feel free to research and look for them your way. Still, if you decide to use my affiliate link – I’m truly grateful for your support. Thanks to you, I can further develop the Nerd on Tour website and podcast.

How Nerd on Tour Podcast is recorded and produced?

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