Anne Kuppens – passionate community-driven founder of Nine Coliving in Tenerife

Healthy thriving community is the most important quality for Anne Kuppens, the owner and founder of Nine Coliving in Tenerife. I had a privilege to experience it and befriend many nomads by staying for over a year at this magical place. In our conversation we talk about Anne’s passion for traveling, Latin America, salsa, and how she built the coliving with the support and help of international friends.

Nerd on Tour Podcast with Anne Kuppens

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Anne Kuppens and Piotrek Bodera recording the podcast interview in La Orotava

Who is Anne Kuppens?

Anne is a Dutch digital nomad turned into coliving founder. She loves traveling to Latin America and especially to the Dominican Republic. Lara is her dog companion for frequent adventures in the wilderness of Tenerife. Anne enjoys salsa, yoga, surfing and vegan brunches. Check her official site to learn more about Anne and her passion for community-driven coliving spaces.

What is Nine Coliving?

Nine Coliving is set in historical building in the heart of La Orotava – a gorgeous little town in the North of Tenerife. All year round 15 to 20 digital nomads live together in the house that’s perfectly adjusted for remote work, comfortable stay, and enjoyable activities in the Canary Islands. Booking a long-term stay is the best way to learn what is Nine.

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Landscape in Tenerife

Selected links and notes from the conversation with Anne Kuppens – Nine Coliving official site – Anne’s video course about starting your own coliving – Anne’s official site – Anne’s Instagram – Nine Coliving Instagram – the side business Anne created with her brother in 2015 – Remote Year is the organized digital nomad experience Anne participated in with over 50 other people

Cabarete in Dominican Republic – is Anne’s recommended spot in her favorite travel destination

State of Digital Nomads – statistics that show who is the average digital nomad person

The coliving is not just about the community. It’s about someone taking the responsibility for the community.

Anne Kuppens

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