Consistency pieces

A month ago I wrote a short casual post and now I'd like to get back to that form. There are three reasons why it's important to me. Firstly I see a good track record of habits that now became my second nature (yoga, dancing, sleeping). Secondly, I'm inspired by successful creators that publish regularly (Seth Godin, Wait But Why, Tim Ferriss). Thirdly I'd like to share valuable info between long-form articles that take much more time to prepare.

The important activities

Time is the only common denominator. Fortunately, our perception of it is subjective and open for interpretation. This allows us to choose and value the time we spend on important activities. For me, the act of writing is one of them. I love every single part of it – the struggle to focus, the slow process and the lightweight output that fits any screen. Here's a random blog post to play with creativity.

Guillaume Lorain – Blogger that combines traveling solo and creating profitable websites (#2)

Nerd on Tour Podcast continues! For the second episode, I invited Guillaume Lorain – a digital nomad from France. He's running a sustainable network of French blogs and provide web dev consulting. Microsoft branch in Paris was the place where Guillaume started, later on establishing his location-independent freelance gigs. That resulted in a great journey around the Australian coast and visits to South-East Asia. Listen to our conversation in this exciting episode!

Fajar Siddiq – From Pro Yo-Yo to Digital Nomad – Thoughtful Leader in the Maker Community (#1)

This is the very first deep conversation recorded for the Nerd on Tour Podcast. I couldn't ask for a better guest than Fajar Siddiq. A known influencer in the Maker Community, who is always there for you to support, provide feedback and help to get customers for your bootstrapped project. Fajar lives in the culturally dense and diverse Singapore and whenever possible he's visiting nearby countries with his laptop and yo-yo. Let's dig into the digital nomad topics with Fajar Siddiq!

TransferWise for Tour Operators – fast and cost-effective international payments

International travel is a timeless experience. Adventurous stories written in books and blogs or beautifully presented in videos and social media encourage us to cross borders and seas. Travelers who value their time, choose to buy prepared packages and we the tourism professionals are here to help them. Particularly if you run a tour operator business you know how important are the international business relationships to facilitate a great service for tourists. This article is specifically about optimizing money transfers across the borders.

What is Triangulation Tuesday? Sign-up for Nerd on Tour Newsletter

How can I see the bigger picture? What sources can I use to gain insight? How to verify the information and improve my critical thinking? These are some questions that I ask myself on a regular basis. Whether it is a fictional world crafted with great storytelling or a real-world phenomenon described in scientific research, I apply triangulation. It's a method to determine a location or in a broader sense – to find an answer to a burning question. Every Tuesday I'm sharing my discoveries.

Stranded Abroad: Guide for Digital Nomads and Travelers affected by the coronavirus

stranded abroad

I'm one of over a billion people that travel. Moreover, I work in the tourism industry and the global spread of the new virus is partly caused by the freedom of movement we have had. COVID-19 pandemic is (according to the history) a once in a century occurrence. Beyond worries of family health and global economic implications, this situation creates another serious layer of complications for all digital nomads, travelers and economic migrants. This article is a summary of practices and tools to help you during this period.

Lycamobile – the best operator for travellers in Europe

Summer in Italy in 2009 was the beginning of my work as a tour operator representative. For about five months I took care of tourists at the Adriatic coast. Besides working in the field - conducting trips, meeting with customers and agencies - I had a lot of office responsibilities. Without mobile phones and mobile Internet, it wouldn't be possible to do my work and stay in touch with headquarter in Poland.

Why should you have a website?

wi-fi connection

If an alien civilization scanned planet Earth, the complex network of machines connected with wires and radio waves would probably not impress them. However, assuming they are curious beings, they would notice how tremendous influence those interconnected machines have on the whole human species. Before we make our first contact, let's learn why should you keep your own spot in the marvellous achievement we call the Internet.