eSIM – the next big thing for the Internet

Being always connected should be an option, not a struggle. The silicon chip we call SIM has been essential for mobile phone adoption by the majority of human population. But because it grew on top of national telecoms it inherited many issues that date back to Graham Bell – the inventor of cable telephone. Fortunately, we now have an eSIM that addresses the need for international mobility of digital nomads.

Becoming a Portuguese Resident

Poland, the country where I was born, joined the European Union in 2004. Since then, I'm fortunate to travel and work in all member countries without restrictions. Due to worsening Polish political situation and war in Ukraine I needed to reevaluate my international setup. After contemplating I decided to become a resident in another EU country that's very welcoming for digital nomads.

Default to English Language – minimalism in practice

Sometimes hard decisions can unlock new possibilities. That's how I feel about resigning from creating new content in Polish language. While it would be great to offer my creations in my mother tongue, it is simply too much overhead. I strive for minimalism, and with this one hard decision, I eliminate 1000 more decisions in the future. Overall, it creates more time for productive creativity.

Leverage European Single Market as Digital Nomad

I'm fortunate to be one of 447 million citizens of the European Union and the most visible advantage is the single market. At the age of Internet mass adoption, I can access and utilize European services from anywhere. That's especially crucial for all fellow digital nomads, who would like to legally run their companies, pay taxes, and use financial products to secure their future.

Define your freedom

The core value that fuels my life is freedom. I like to contemplate it, discuss it, and enable it to others. That's why from now on the Triangulation Tuesday newsletter is also in a form of blog posts. You are free to use the RSS feed, share each issue URL and sign up for email notifications. Besides that, I'd like to share three different stories about digital nomad freedom.