Benjamin Lupton – open-source developer widens perspective through long-term travel and philosophy

The third episode of the Nerd on Tour Podcast is here! This time fellow digital nomad from Perth in Australia is my guest. Ben is cheerful yet contemplating developer and community builder. He dropped NDA work offers at Facebook and Google to stay true to the open-source movement. His travels include long-distance hitchhiking in Australia, truly befriending Balinese locals, and experiencing hippy culture in Berlin. Learn about him and his thought-provoking projects in this episode.

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The third episode of Nerd on Tour Podcast

I’m very sorry for almost a year of delay. New conversations have been recorded with many fascinating guests but I kept postponing editing and publishing. Pandemic forced me to reorganize my work structure and now I’m fully committed to expanding the podcast. To make it more efficient I moved my hosting provider from Anchor to Captivate. I’m excited about the new possibilities unlocked with the podcast host focused on growth. Both in terms of my audience and in terms of skills I can learn with their resources at Captivate Growth Labs.

Benday at The Hatchery Place Community
Piotrek, Giang, Ben, Elaine, David and Kevin – “Benday” gathering

Nevertheless, I wanted to create evergreen conversation recordings from the very beginning. The delay doesn’t diminish the importance of topics discussed with Ben. We met in October 2019 in the joyful community of The Hatchery Place. Every Monday folks staying in Kuala Lumpur were gathering at Ben’s rented apartment to enjoy sports, video games, and eating out. Hence we called the gathering – Benday.

In this episode, we explore such topics as living without money, Internet culture, effective altruism, co-living space, building online community, ego, thought experiments, reason, insurance for digital nomads, running a company, and veganism.

Perth Australia
Perth, Australia – Ben’s hometown | Photo by Urlaubstracker on Unsplash

Who is Benjamin Arthur Lupton?

Benjamin or Ben is an open-source developer and white-hat hacker. His projects were used by Basecamp, Spotify, Microsoft, Adobe, Atlassian. On the famous online support community StackOverflow, Ben is in the top 10% of helpers for JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, HTML5, and Ajax. Moreover on GitHub – version control community – Ben is the 4th most-watched developer in Australia.

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Few of his projects:

  • History.js – one of the most popular JavaScript projects in the world
  • DocPad – was the first big static site generator for Node.js gaining over 2000 stars, hundreds of daily users, 200 plugins, and 100 contributors.
  • Startup Hostel – the proto concept of co-working and co-living spaces, started in 2011-2013
Bevry logo

Bevry – the free-thinking online community

Now Ben is primarily focused on his Bevry community. Bevry means “free” or “to liberate” in Afrikaans and this perfectly describes the open-minded approach of the participants. They don’t shy away from disputes around such topics as ethics of the tech industry, immigration policies, or the fate of civilization. Learn more about Bevry Manifesto or join their official Bevry Discord channel.

To facilitate better methods of collaboration and learning, Ben is developing several projects under Bevry. Once they’ve been tested internally within the community, they’ll be open for public use.

  • Bevry YouTube channel with public debates around important topics
  • Reading Rehab project – automated online “book club” meet-ups with people who are reading the same material
  • Fountain project – Fountain scales conversations into massively collaborative wisdom, through cross-pollination, interactive transcripts, syntopical curation, & creator funding 
Durian fruit
Durian – Ben’s favorite fruit | Photo by Urlaubstracker on Unsplash

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Selected links from the conversation with Benjamin Lupton

Go to to read all the important details about Ben and his projects. At the end of our conversation, he mentioned he’s active on Twitter, but he decided to cut off from social media. We both share similar views in regard to how toxic social media can be.

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SafetyWing insurance for digital nomads
SafetyWing is the insurance used and recommended by me and fellow digital nomads

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