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The core value that fuels my life is freedom. I like to contemplate it, discuss it, and enable it to others. That’s why from now on the Triangulation Tuesday newsletter is also in a form of blog posts. You are free to use the RSS feed, share each issue URL and sign up for email notifications. Besides that, I’d like to share three different stories about digital nomad freedom.

Wealthy without working too hard

Having enough money to support your lifestyle is a universal definition of freedom in capitalistic societies. Fortunately, since the advent of personal computers and the Internet in the 1990s, the definition of work has morphed. Now the number of tasks, time schedule, and physical location is negotiable. Therefore, generating wealth is accessible to more people. Amaca’s story is a great example of that.

The article “How I got wealthy without working too hard” has been tweeted by Pieter Levels and landed on the first page of Hacker News. Rightfully so. It’s rare to see someone describing his life story in a succinct manner. My key takeaways from Amaca’s article:

  • use global market for your own leverage i.e. ETFs + robo-advisor
  • choose fully remote projects that pay for your input, not for your time
  • online portfolio is the most important form of showcasing expertise

Digital Nomad Parents

The above story falls into the stereotype of a digital nomad in his 30s, being single, and earning enough to roam the world. While the official statistics do confirm this, it’s refreshing to see digital nomads who become parents. Moreover, they view the new life chapter as a freedom-enabler.

Nikolaj is actually exploring the concept of freedom a lot on his blog, but the article about becoming a “full-time parent” is special. He and his wife decided not to send their son to daycare or school and keep traveling. There are more and more families who decide to follow this way of life. I have great respect for them and do enjoy reading such inspirational stories.

Repeople – Europe’s remote work conference

Today on 23rd November 2021 I’m attending a conference focused on remote work that’s happening in the Canary Islands. My friend, Anne Kuppens, the owner of Nine Coliving is one of the panelists to take part in the “Coliving Communities in Tenerife” discussion.

Most digital nomads already exercise freedom of movement. The coliving spaces, when done well, are thriving communities where nomads can socialize, work, and stay long-term. Moreover, professionals in the tourism sector do recognize that nomads are better customers for travel destinations than short-term tourists. Let’s see how it’ll be framed during the conference.

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