Guillaume Lorain – Blogger that combines traveling solo and creating profitable websites (#2)

Nerd on Tour Podcast continues! For the second episode, I invited Guillaume Lorain – a digital nomad from France. He’s running a sustainable network of French blogs and provide web dev consulting. Microsoft branch in Paris was the place where Guillaume started, later on establishing his location-independent freelance gigs. That resulted in a great journey around the Australian coast and visits to South-East Asia. Listen to our conversation in this exciting episode!

The second episode of Nerd on Tour Podcast

I must admit that producing these recordings is a very satisfying job. There’s a lot to learn about tools, standards and best podcasting practices. And that’s exactly the kind of challenge I want to be facing. My goal is to share stories about fellow digital nomads because we are collectively embracing distributed work model. Sometimes in odd environments – like in the case of Guillaume’s Australian trip.

Piotrek and Guillaume at Korean restaurant next to The Hatchery Place

We met in The Hatchery Place in February 2020, where we both stayed at the time. Guillaume flu to Bali right before countries started to impose lockdowns and decided to remain on the island for the time being. While this context is, without a doubt, historically significant I always want to keep the conversations as evergreen as possible. In this episode we talk about Guillaume’s web dev journey, establishing strong SEO position and keeping expenses low to travel long-term.

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Burgundy France
Fortress of Berzé-le-Châtel, in Saône et Loire, near Cluny, Burgundy in France. That’s Guillaume’s homeland | Photo by Baudouin Wisselmann on Unsplash

Who is Guillaume Lorain?

Guillaume is a Search Engine Optimization Expert, blogger and solopreneur that runs a couple of websites in French. He is one of many digital nomads that you’ll not see in news headlines because he’s not disrupting the world. Instead, he’s consistently building his SEO rank positions while maintaining a solid tech foundation for his sites.

Guillaume Lorain

He gained experience as a full-time employee in the French branch of Microsoft in Paris to then move to small businesses focused on pharmaceuticals and smartphones. These various positions allowed him to learn about the web marketing and advertising industry. Later on, he decided to switch to freelancing, so he can travel while working.

Now Guillaume is a location independent consultant and developer of multiple projects. The most successful site is which means “Nothing to Wear” in French. He develops it since 2012 as a recommendation blog focused on everyday fashion for people in France. The site’s business model is built around long-lasting affiliate contracts with selected clothing and accessories brands.

Guillaume’s main project – Rien a se Mettre fashion blog

Between December 2018 and November 2019, Guillaume completed his first big adventure – driving along the coast of the whole of Australia. This was possible thanks to the Australian year-long visa, Guillaume frugal lifestyle and recurring income from his online projects. Since then he stayed in other popular digital nomad destinations like Chaing Mai in Thailand, Danang in Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Bali in Indonesia.

Nothing to wear meme | Slothilda via Giphy

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Microsoft Paris office – Guillaume’s first job | © Microsoft

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Some people have cats, other have pet kangaroo | From Guillaume’s Instagram

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