Leverage European Single Market as Digital Nomad

I’m fortunate to be one of 447 million citizens of the European Union and the most visible advantage is the single market. At the age of Internet mass adoption, I can access and utilize European services from anywhere. That’s especially crucial for all fellow digital nomads, who would like to legally run their companies, pay taxes, and use financial products to secure their future.

Recently I talked with a few nomads who are eager to find suitable solutions and I recommended them these options. Estonia with its e-Residency is the easiest place to run a company. Moreover, you can try if the Estonian business environment is for you before you file for an e-Residency. With Xolo, one of the most forward-thinking Estonian accountants, you can start invoicing your customers in 10 minutes.

Once your company is up and running, you may want to choose a favorable place within the EU that offers great incentives for their tax residents. Portuguese Non-Habitual Residency is designed to attract high-skilled professionals. The program has:

  • 0% tax on foreign income, crypto investments, dividends, and wealth
  • no minimum stay requirement for EU citizens
  • 20% on freelancing and employment

You can check your eligibility and discuss your individual tax/citizenship situation with an immigration agent via Rebase. This is a service created by Pieter Levels – the same person who created Nomad List.

Last but not least we all need to take care of our own retirement funds. Due to the aging population, European pension systems will be insolvent and it’s best to save money in a smart way. From my perspective, the most battle-tested investment method is investing in index funds (ETFs) with robo-advisor (automatic rebalancing and other proven strategies). Finax is a financial provider from Slovakia, that offers this solution for all EU citizens.

Please keep in mind that the single market is always evolving. The above services are what I found most useful at the moment and it’s not investment advice.


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