Stories for Digital Nomads

Finding right answers takes time. Also, answers evolve to better fit current circumstances. I keep asking myself – what is the best way to convey my experience and knowledge about the world of digital nomads. And I think I found a great fit.

Magnificent view in La Orotava, Tenerife where I spent quite some time

Keep pivoting

Among startups this idea is common. At any point in development we can quickly switch from one path to another. Being nimble allows for adjusting to the dynamic environment of our global village. I think about in startup terms.

Traveling solo and working as a tour leader in tourism was the starting phase. For some time, I was playing with content creation ideas for tour operators, remote workers or local tour guides. But my heart and my daily experience is in the domain of digital nomads.

While, I still want to provide practical tips, tools, and solutions for fellow nomads, the core of is now – stories. Hence, the change of the site’s subtitle from “Guides for Digital Nomads” to “Stories for Digital Nomads”.

What is a story?

I see the storytelling skill as the fundament of culture. We all tell stories, we love to hear them, and to pass them further. That’s why my focus is on timelessness. For me, a great story should encapsulate a moment in time and be as enjoyable to hear today, as in one hundred years.

Growing popularity of digital nomad phenomenon is a fascinating phase. The ability to work asynchronously from any Internet-connected place is just the beginning of a major transformation. I’m part of it and I want to preserve stories of fellow pioneers in this field.

Even better when one’s journey already builds a proper story arc. I notice this pattern intuitively, and I love to bind it into a consistent piece. Whether that would be in written form or as a podcast interview.

I invite you to join this new journey!

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