When SEO writing skills cut short the joy of publishing

I’m so glad to be reminded of the pure joy of publishing a blog post by Matt. At the age when AI tools can be used to mass produce SEO content to hijack competitor traffic, it’s wise to come back to basics.

To a scrappy little note without purified title, headings, paragraphs. Without eye-catching cover images, embedded videos, waterfall of GIFs and emojis. Just text. A few thoughts that can just be here for wandering online readers.

Writing a perfectly optimized article is something I was caught up for a while. I’m actually proud that my SEO writing skills are useful in my work. However, I want to retain my playfulness. My ability to sometimes publish a post like this. Just as a token of appreciation for all other bloggers who inspired me over the decades.

So here it is.

Enjoy the rollercoaster of 2024 everyone!

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