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Back in 2012, the world was swept up by the Gangnam Style song. The two biggest winners were Psy, the Korean singer who started K-Pop mania, and YouTube, the streaming platform. Due to this social phenomenon, the latter needed to rapidly upgrade its tech infrastructure, as Gangnam Style was their first video to break the 1 billion views threshold.

Indeed, my friends and I were also intrigued with the silly cowboy-style choreography. To the point that during our trip to Japan, we recorded our Japan Gangnam Style music video, and uploaded it to YouTube. The concept of travel music videos, was so compelling to me that I did again. In 2013/2014 the Polish song “Niech to Frunie” by Senk Że was the soundtrack of my trip to Asia and Oceania. And then in 2015, Japan was once again my destination, where me and my former partner danced to the “Babcia Mówi” song by Maja Koman.

What Nerd on Tour YouTube channel is not about

Dancing remains my hobby, and it’s inspiring to watch Tobias Ellehammer creating his travel music videos, and becoming a top class choreographer in Los Angeles. Like many other creators, I also tried to play with the vlog format. However, it’s not something I feel comfortable with. Vlogbrothers and Casey Neistat mastered it, and it’s great to see them doing that long-term. Lastly, the podcast on YouTube, may be understood as a TV production quality interview show with stage performance experienced guests. Like the Diary of a CEO.

I’m not keen on recording videos with my guests. Mostly, because focusing on high-quality audio production in impromptu environments is already a challenge. My main focus is to establish a great rapport, and then let the conversation flow. Adding proper cameras, lighting, staging, video editing, adds too much complexity. I want to keep it lean, and sound-centric.

Why my content has to be present on YouTube?

It’s obvious that the YouTube platform is a beast. Its massive expansion consumes fellow Google services, like Google Video, Google Music and Google Podcast. Even if there are other video hosting sites, their reach is minimized, as Google Search obviously promotes video results from YouTube.

People in charge of YouTube continue to reinvent it by constant experimentation. The mistakes like “YouTube Red” and “YouTube Originals” are easily forgotten. Thanks to unmatched quality infrastructure (8K, HDR, higher bitrate), and successful shorts format competing with TikTok and Instagram vertical videos, among other innovations.

Lastly, YouTube became an integral part of the global culture. Younger audiences watch more YouTube than the traditional television. Moreover, the TV channels become less relevant, when creators decide to publish full seasons of their shows directly on YouTube, i.e., John Oliver or Tim Ferriss.

The power of habit, social features, and unparalleled tech stack are points showing how relevant YouTube is for so many Internet users. Therefore, I want to make it easier for my listeners to reach my content, on the platform that they’re already using.

What to expect from Nerd on Tour YouTube channel

Most importantly, the channel is hosting all podcast episodes. I decided to publish them in form of static images with audiograms. They’re also known as waveforms, and it’s an animation generated by Headliner.

Each episode is the same great content, that’s also available in an audio format on all podcast apps. While, I’m an avid user of Pocket Casts player, I know that numerous listeners prefer to consume podcasts on YouTube. One of them is my podcast guest Benjamin Lupton. Therefore, from now on, I’ll be simultaneously releasing my show on YouTube and on podcasts apps.

Please mind that it’s a beginning of my regular posting on YouTube. I’m excited to learn new skills, improving the channel, experimenting with shorts or other formats, and making it an intriguing space for all subscribers. Enjoy!

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